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         Envelopes & Place Cards
Custom place cards for an event at the Museum of Art in Manhattan.
Themed table cards.
Envelope style to match invitations.
Envelopes in Swash Italic in custom ink color
Place cards in italic for a destination wedding on the California coast.
Themed table cards in custom font
Envelopes with return address and duo gram in penman style.
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Place cards and reserved seating table cards with flourishing.
Large table cards for a delegate dinner for the 2012 Democratic National Convention in Charlotte.
Place cards for an alumni event at Belmont Abbey College, Charlotte, NC. Photograph by Stephanie Chesson.
inner envelopes with a swirl to match the bride's invitations
Place cards for an outdoor reception with the swirl to match the meal choice
place cards in whimsical style for an informal beach wedding
Envelopes in elegant style
black and white place cards with large first names for a bridal luncheon
Place cards in traditional copperplate style
custom, angled style in navy ink
Envelopes with a very swirly style to match the bride's invitation suite.
Fun contemporary save the dates -- style at the bride's request.
Note cards with a custom duo-gram and return address.
Place cards in elegant style displayed on gorgeous silver trays.  Photo by Michael Moss Photography.
A mixed lettering style with much larger  scripted names.
A fun, modern mixed lettering style.
Large place cards with elegant lettering and hand-applied gold accents.  These were hung by crystal beads at a wedding.
A new very modern style for a more casual feel.
Seating assignment cards ready for a wedding
Wedding place cards
An actual place card penned for Martha Stewart for a corporate VIP event!!
Metallic square envelopes written in the Cafe' style.
place cards penned in the whimsical style
Envelopes lettered in fun mixed lettering styles
Mixed font lettering in chocolate brown to add to the rustic feel of this beautiful invitation suite.
fun, casual calligraphy on kraft envelopes in white ink
Cute modern place cards lettered in gold ink.
Watercolor place cards with lowercase style
Fun personalized menu cards with the Charlotte skyline
Gorgeous agate slices lettered in gold for a beach wedding.
Gorgeous letterpressed invitation with imported envelope liners and stamps to match with calligraphy in gold ink.
Striking gold lettering on black envelopes
Place cards for an informal dinner in white ink.
Christmas card in a formal style to the President-Elect with wax seal.
Place cards in a unique style for a rehearsal dinner.
Photo from a Charleston wedding showing formal place cards in use.
Marbled table numbers in rose gold ink
Envelope calligraphy in custom teal ink with monogram wax seal
Invitation suite with calligraphy designed to match printed font
grey invitations with white ink and custom wax seals for a winter wedding